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Bridal Gown Services

So you found your perfect wedding dress. Or maybe you plan to wear youer mothers wedding dress. Most gowns need some sort of alteration, and the scope of work can vary greatly, depending on the gown and how many changes need to be made. With the The Lady Tailor you’ll be ready for your wedding day with a gown that fits flawlessly.

When to Go
It's important to time your alterations right. Bring your gown in too early and you might not end up with a proper fit. (You may lose or gain weight after your gown is altered, which could affect the dress's overall look and fit.) Bring your gown in too late, and you run the risk of not allowing enough time to have all the changes made. We recommend allowing two to three months from your first fitting to your last as an ideal timeline to make all the alterations. Also keep in mind that the amount of times you need to go for fittings depends on how much you're getting done to the gown—typically most brides go several times for a proper fitting.

Choose The Lady Tailor. We're spcialists.
This isn’t a job for your local dry cleaner unless they know the intricacies of formal eveningwear. Wedding gowns have so many complex details, from boning to hems and bustles, that you need an expert. The Lady Tailor has a lifetime in Bridal Gown alterations.

A few helpful hints
When you're ready for alterations, don't just bring your gown—take your undergarments, shoes and accessories to your fittings as well. With all of the pieces in place, it'll be easier to envision your overall wedding day look. Your undergarments and shoes will ensure the proper fit and length of your gown, and your hair accessories or veil will help you maintain the right overall balance. If you don't have the exact shoe you'll be wearing, bring something similar in height.

The Lady Tailor