Friday, September 22, 2023
Located at: 391 Empire Ave, St. John's
The Lady Tailor
Personal tailoring for both men and women

Men's Tailoring

Our Mens Tailoring and Alteration services provide you with the perfect fit. Adjustments can also be made to make your clothing current. For example pant width and break or tailoring a loose fitting shirt. We traditionally handle difficult and complicated work that other professionals, in the city do not have the confidence or skill level to work on.

Projects such as:
Designer Clothing Alterations & Repairs
Suede & Leather Repairs & Alterations
Suit Alterations and Repairs
Jacket & Coat Alterations & Repairs
Fur Collar Replacements & Repairs
Buckles and Hardware Replacements & Repairs
Shortening and Downsizing
Skirt Alterations & Repairs
Pants Alterations & Repairs
Zipper Replacements & Repairs
Clothing Lining Replacements and Repairs
Pocket Replacements and Repairs
All Types of Tears Repairs

The Lady Tailor